August/September 2015 E-NEWS



Special prayer services at Safe House in Jabalpur were organized on the 5th of September.  Since this was the day when the country celebrates Teachers’ day, the service was dedicated to teachers who have dedicated their lives for education. In Jabalpur, the mission honored Christian teachers and gave them gifts (Pen) in appreciation of their service.

We are thankful to God that from this month onwards regular Sunday service could be started at a new village, Kheri Tikriya in Mandla area of Madhya Pradesh. 20 to 25 people are now attending the service regularly.
Prayer meetings have been started at a new village, Modhe, about 9 k.m. from the Church at Navapara, again in Bilaspur area in the state of Chhattisgarh.  Efforts were being made by the mission for the past few months to preach the Gospel in this village and finally doors were opened in September.  A family is now taking interest.  Please pray.
A new village, Tokari has been identified near Bhanesar in Bilaspur area in the state of Chhattisgarh. There are no Christians in that village.  The mission is making efforts to set up a Church in this village.  10 to 11 people are now gathering at this place.  Meetings are being held every Wednesday.
Five new people have been reached by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are from a new village called Molali near one of mission’s Churches in Badkuan in Sagar area in the state of Madhya Pradesh.   These people are attending the Church service at Badkuan.  Please pray for Manish, Raju, Vinod, Bheemsen and Nirbhay.
The mission was able to bring back to Christ brother Prafful, who was born and brought up in a Christian family, but grew up and got involved in every act that took him away from Christ.  When the mission’s evangelist approached him,  he was very hostile.  Efforts were made to reach him continually.  When his wife, who was expecting, fell seriously ill, the mission’s evangelist not only prayed for her but the mission also helped Prafful to meet the hospital expenses.  This brought about a change in Prafful’s thinking and he along with his wife decided to accept Christ as their savior.

Premlata Geydam and Pramila accepted Christ as their Savior this month.   Both of them are from the state of Maharashtra. When the mission’s evangelist preached the Gospel to Premlata’s family, Premlata listened to the Word with great interest.  However, her parents remained disinterested and got angry at Premlata for her interest.  They even married her to a non-believer who forced her to turn away from Christ, but Premlata remained strong in her faith and continually kept praying.  Seeing her strong faith, her husband stopped harassing her.  Premlata started attending Church services regularly and got baptized this month.

Pramila comes from a non-Christian family.  Her husband was H.I.V. positive and died in 2010.  She faced a lot of difficulties.  She fell ill and the thought that she too might have got her husband’s disease bothered her.  She felt very depressed. Mission’s evangelist, Abhishek continually visited her and prayed for her.  She was tested for H.I.V. but she did not have H.I.V.  She believed that her prayers were answered and accepted Christ as her Savior.

Mission organized revival meetings at village Sapeli in Kandhmaal area in the state of Odisha on the 1st and 2nd of September.  A large number of people from other religions attended these meetings.  Four people, Lokeshwar, Lutapaar, Mariam and Shamli showed interest in knowing more about our Savior, Jesus Christ and on the 20th of September they accepted Christ as their Savior.


The mission honored Christian teachers for their services on the 2

nd of September.
Neelam’s kids performed a short skit which had humor as well as a message for the present day teachers.  It was appreciated by all.
This was followed by songs of praise and worship and a short message.
One of Neelam’s Kids, Priyanka had problems with her eyesight.  She is now wearing glasses.  Janie and Ukini had infection in the stomach, but they are fine now.  This year the temperatures are much higher than normal and many children are falling ill.  Tameri, Rahel, Boaz and Pinky all had fever.  Please pray for all the children.


Vivert turned 47 on the 12th of September.  Lae prepared a surprise presentation.

All of the children were very excited and they prepared beautiful cards to wish Vivert a happy birthday. Suresh presented a special song.




There is a good news from Firangia, where 12 people took baptism this month.  Firangia is a remote village, about 82 k.m. from Sapeli a town in Kandhmaal area in the state of Orissa.  This is such a far flung area very difficult to reach, however, the mission overcame all hurdles and started preaching meetings there.

Gradually, the efforts yielded results and 10 to 15 people started attending the meetings.  Now Sunday service is being regularly organized there and on an average, 22-23 people attend the Sunday service regularly.

Mission established a new Church in Mukundpur in Delhi area in 2014.   Continual efforts were made by the mission for this area.  As a result of their efforts it was not only able to bring out an entire family of elderly people in Mukundpur from depression and feeling of loneliness, but, by sharing with them the Good news, the evangelist was successful in bringing all of them to the Lord.  Please pray for continual growth in this area.


A special prayer meeting is organized at the Safe House in Jabalpur on the first Saturday of each month.  We are thankful to God that each time some new faces are seen at these meetings.
Also, at Damoh, a Prayer meeting was organized on the first Wednesday.  It was really a joy to see the Children from persecuted families lead in hymns and songs of praise.

A few of the senior citizens went to be with the Lord in the past two months.  A special prayer meeting was organized for the Senior Citizens on the 12

th of August with prayers for those families who lost their dear ones.

Sindhu, a resident of village Tikaria, accepted Christ as his savior this month.  Before this he was very much against evangelistic activities. His family life was full of problems. Sometime back his son lost his mental balance and had to be admitted to a hospital.  Mission’s evangelist, in spite of his hostile behavior, continued to visit his family and pray for them.  He also shared the Word with them.  Gradually, Sindhu’s behavior changed.  God healed his son and the entire family started listening to the Word attentively. Tikaria is a village in Mandla area in the state of Madhya Pradesh.  Please pray for the family.


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