September 2017


September 2017


Earthquake Update

A massive earthquake in Nepal in 2015 caused devastation throughout the country and took many lives. Nepal is an economically impoverished country and the earthquake has resulted in a major decline in tourism which is compounding their problems and effecting the country even more in a negative way.  Poverty and prostitution are quite evident at this time. The disaster relief support we received from our sponsors following the earthquake enabled us to go to Nepal and help with the relief work at that time. We also used this as an opportunity to increase our Church planting efforts there.

New Church Plant

We began holding regular worship services in Imadol following our earthquake relief efforts and about 25-30 people are now attending the weekly service.  Two young girls, Sharda and Kilbu, from the area, recently accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and were baptized.

Church Planter’s Seminar

Vivert also organized a Church Planter’s Seminar in Lalitpur, another area of Nepal. Evangelists and leaders from Lalitpur, Sanaella Bazaar and the surrounding area attended the seminar. Some of our Evangelists are assisting in running a Short Term Bible Course in this area as well.

The Story of Ramesh

Ramesh was raised in a non-Christian family with five brothers and sisters. His parents are farm laborers and they are a very poor family. They live in a small hut located in a field owned by another person. The owner of the land would come to their home from time to time and take vegetables, chickens and other items from Ramesh’s family. He would also threaten to throw them off his land. One of Ramesh’s sisters was taken by a man from a nearby village, promising to get her admitted to a girl’s dorm in a nearby city. Since he took her away,  they have neither seen nor heard from her.

Ramesh worked as a servant and was promised food and time to study for the household work that he would do.  However, Ramesh was not given time to study and did not get enough food to eat. It was during this time of hardship he met our evangelist doing earthquake relief work in the area.  Ramesh began meeting regularly with the evangelist who shared the Word of God with him and encouraged him. Not only did Ramesh accept Christ as his Savior, but also decided to become a preacher. To prepare himself he began attending the Short Term Bible Course. After one year in the course, he decided to go back to his village of Chitvan and preach the Gospel.

Encouraged by the evangelist, Ramesh started work in a new village, Thamtur, in Kathmandu Valley area. Initially, 10 to 12 people started attending the weekly services in a small hut. Over time that number has gradually increased to 20-22 people. An individual that lives in the village provided them land to build a facility for service where they now meet.

Leadership Conference

A Leadership Training Seminar was held at Imadol in Kathmandu.  A number of evangelists from all over the country of Nepal attended the seminar and Vivert focused on equipping and training people to become leaders.  A session was set aside for the evangelists to discuss with Vivert the challenges and hardships they face in spreading the Gospel in their country.  Vivert encouraged them and explained how to reach the people in a Hindu nation in an effective manner.

Christian Kaun Translated into Nepali

The Evangelists in Nepal requested to have the book, Christian Kaun, written by Vivert, translated into the Nepali language and made available for their use. The book discusses simple steps of becoming a Christian and we are thankful to God this book is now available in Nepali for the people of Nepal.

From the Desk of Vivert

The Rainy Season has begun in our country. Thus far we have been fortunate to have less rainfall this year compared to other states. In contrast to our area, Bihar, one of our North-Eastern states, is having excessive rains and flooding resulting in several deaths.

We are thankful to God for blessing our Church planting efforts. As mentioned previously, we have been assisting in evangelists training in Nepal after the Earthquake. Our relief visits there have opened doors for us to recruit new evangelists resulting in new Church plants. The state of Orissa has been the other major focus of our efforts this year. We have six new evangelists and eight new Church plants this year. Worship in the metro city of Jabalpur is also continuing to grow, enabling us to make new, more aggressive, evangelistic plans for this area.

A new section of our dorm in Damoh for children from persecuted families is now in use.  We have added 38 new children to the Neelam’s Kids ministry.

New Church plants, working with new evangelists, growth in existing Churches and the addition of more persecuted children has been a challenging and exciting time for us.

The last few months, including summer, have been busy for us. It was a great honor to be invited to speak at Pepperdine University at Malibu in California for their Bible lectures. Neelam and I were invited by Compassion Christian Church, Savannah, GA to attend a retreat in Poland this summer. They were very generous in making all arrangements for us to be able to be there for a time to rest and refresh ourselves.

We also had the opportunity to be in Greenville, Illinois where Mr. Darryl Bolen retired after 44 years of ministry at Greenville First Christian Church. I have a great respect for Mr. Bolen. He supported my parents in every possible way during their ministry. He also stood with me and supported me from the time I first went to study in the United States. I was given the honor to preach there on Father’s Day, the Sunday before he retired. This church was the home church in the United States for my parents during their ministry and have continued to support Neelam and me for more than 25 years. Following our visit to Greenville, we also had the opportunity to be in Kansas City for MICP’s board meeting and to attend the 2017 NACC for a couple of days.

I am requesting your prayers for the International Conference on Mission being held in Peoria, Illinois this year. I will be speaking at ICOM on Friday, November 17th at 7:30 p.m. during the Evening Main Session. I am encouraging you to be in Peoria, Illinois this year for ICOM, if possible. It would be an honor to have you in the audience when I speak.

Real Life Christian Church in Clermont, Florida is not only making regular trips to visit the mission but is also assisting us in our Strategic Planning process as we develop a more focused strategy for the growth of the Kingdom in India. We request you to please continue to pray for the work that God is allowing us to do.

Many of you are familiar with the court case that we are facing regarding the mission’s main building in Damoh. For those that are not, this case has been in the courts for over six years. During the past two years, the judge presiding over the case appeared to have been convinced by the arguments of the mission’s lawyer that we should prevail. However, he was transferred before he could issue a final decision. A new judge was appointed and after just two hearings issued a judgment against the mission. This meant that the government would take or destroy the building that currently serves as our headquarters. It was heart-breaking and left us devastated. I went through many sleepless nights and spent a lot of time on my knees in prayer.
We moved the case to the state’s supreme court in an effort to obtain a stay on this order. PLEASE PRAY FOR A FAVORABLE OUTCOME.

Thank you very much for everything. —  Vivert Lall



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