6th of December marked the beginning of Christmas program at the local Church in Damoh.  A special Christmas program was organized under the direction of Neelam Lall who is actively involved in the children and youth ministry at the church.  Short dramas and songs delivering the message of Christmas were presented by the young people with many of Neelam’s kids also actively participating in the program.  A short message on the birth and teachings of Christ was delivered by Neelam at the beginning of the program for children. Vivert, who also spoke, invited the head of the police to be the chief guest of the program.
A Christmas program for the Senior Citizen Group was also organized on the 11th of December.  A large group of Senior Citizens sang carols with great interest and enthusiasm.  The mission’s Evangelistic team provided musical support for them.  Dr. Vivert Lall shared the message and thanked the Senior Citizens for their active participation in the activities of the group throughout the year.  At the end of the program gifts were given to the Senior citizens.

Immediately following the Senior Citizen program at Damoh on the 11th, a Special Christmas program was organized at Safe House in the metro city of Jabalpur on the 12th.   The youth and children presented short plays and songs based on Christmas.  The children from Neelam’s kids also went there and presented a short play bringing home the message of Christmas and the life of Jesus Christ.  Dr. Vivert Lall shared the message of Christmas there as well.  Children were given gifts at the end.
A Special Church service is organized every year at the local Church on the occasion of Christmas.  People from the local congregation of Damoh as well as a large number of their guests from different cities attend the Christmas Service.  The local cable network showed the entire service live to the people of Damoh enabling many people from different religions to know the message of Christmas.  The Christmas service was followed by a week- long series of programs organized by the local Church.   These programs and services were attended not only by the people of the community of Damoh but from many others as well.  Some people, along with their relatives, came from different parts of India and also from other countries.

Vivert was invited to preach at open air meetings in Agra, the city of Taj Mahal, for four days.  One of the traditional Churches which has been in existence for over 150 years, requested Vivert to come, preach and help in the outreach of the Church.  The crowd keptincreasing every day and we praise God that many decisions were made. 
November 14th is celebrated as Children’s Day in India.  A special prayer meetings was organized in the Metro city of Jabalpur at the missions Safe House.   Through the message Vivert tried to convey to the parents the significant part each one has to play in leading them to Christ by setting a good example.

Vivert was invited to preach in Allahabad which is known for the two famous holy rivers, the Ganges and the Yamuna which meet here.  Thankful that Vivert was able to have great open air meetings there.   In addition to many who came for these meetings, there was the presence of the students of one of the leading Bible Seminaries of North India.  Many lives were touched by the Gospel.
A special prayer meetings was organized for the Senior Citizens at the ACCTS Campus on the 18th of November.  It was wonderful to see Neelam’s Kids sing hymns and praises and the Senior Citizens appreciate them.

Christian preachers in the village of Jaitpur in the Mandla area of the state of Madhya Pradesh have been facing atrocities for a long time.  On many occasions Vivert had met the evangelists working in this area and guided them how to work amidst persecution.   On the 19th and 20th of November, Preaching  Meetings were organized in this village.  In spite of unfavorable situations, a number of people attended the meetings and 10 new people showed interest in knowing more about our Savior.  Of these, brother Tirath Singh Goud, his wife Yashoda, son Sunil and daughter Geeta accepted  Christ as their Savior.  Since this is a sensitive area, we are waiting for an appropriate time and place for their baptism.Sister Sushila from village Junwani accepted Christ as her Savior this month.  She comes from a non-Christian family and became fed-up with the problems of continual flow of blood and also dispute in the family because of her husband who was an alchoholic.  So, she  decided to put an end to her life.  At that time her sister Shanti, who was an active member of mission’s Church at Junwani, brought her to her house at Junwani.  Here she got the opportunity to hear the Gospel.  The mission’s evangelist continually prayed for her and told her about our Savior and how Christ not only loved the sinners alike but shed his life for each one of us.  This brought about a change in her life and the situation of her house also improved.  In view of the situations, we are waiting for an appropriate time to baptize her.
As we have reported, evangelist  S. O. Masih of Jabalpur was injured severely.  He had to be taken to a hospital.  Brother S. O. Masih is a senior evangelist working in one of our Church plants in Jabalpur for quite some time now.  He is recuperating and now his condition is much better.  We thank you for your prayers for him.
Christmas program for the children (involving Neelam’s kids and children from the local congregation) is held every year around the first week of December.  The practice for this program started with much enthusiasm among the kids from the first week of November.  Children also got busy making Christmas cards.  In addition to all this the children also got busy preparing for their second term examination.

It is wonderful to see children taking active part in leading the devotions.  Seeing children learn more and more about the living Savior gives us great joy.

The weather turned cold all of a sudden and perhaps because of this some of the children are falling ill.

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