Brother Gaj

Brother Gaj

Gaj's decision to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior resulted in his own family turning against him. His father, Nirb, joined with the extremists and charged the mission’s evangelist for converting Gaj to a Christian. Nirb, along with the extremists, attacked his own son’s house, beat him up badly and stabbed him in his stomach. Gaj remained [...]

Brother Arun

In the village of Tikaria in the Mandla area in the state of Madhya Pradesh, a man named Arun opposed our Church plant activities when we began evangelizing in this village. Brother Arun was born in a non-Christian family which strictly followed their religion. He ended up marrying Jayam who was a seeker and followed the [...]
Brother Raj

Brother Raj

At Ranjhi in Jabalpur in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Brother Raj accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. Raj belonged to a non-Christian family and actively opposed evangelistic activities in his area. His wife, Haya had accepted Christ as her Savior and this enraged Raj. He started beating and harassing her, but Haya continued to [...]

Brother Jar

Brother Jar and his family live in an area near the village of Mallawala in the Ferozepur area in the state of Punjab.  Jar, at 60 years old, had a shrine in his house that he looked after and maintained. There was no peace in his family and his wife, Charan was ill and couldn't [...]

Mission Conferences

Evangelists and representatives of the mission from all over the country gathered at Damoh for the Missions Annual meeting. Vivert brought the message, listened to the reports of the participants and shared his vision for the future growth of the Lord’s work through the mission. The Church Planters Summit was also an encouraging time. It is wonderful to [...]
Senior Evangelist goes home to be with the Lord

Senior Evangelist goes home to be with the Lord

One of the mission's senior evangelists working in the Delhi area, Brother Thomas, went to be with the Lord. He had been sick for some time and suffered a heart attack. The mission helped him in his treatment and made all the arrangements for his funeral. He was very effective in sharing the gospel and will [...]

New Believer excited about sharing Faith 

A new believer, brother Lokhi, has accepted Christ and is extremely excited about sharing his faith. He now is helping the mission evangelist reach others for the Kingdom. Lokhi and his family live in Agra, the city that is home to the Taj Mahal in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where the mission has one of its [...]

Kerela Flood Update

Kerela Flood Update In the monsoon season in India, the Southern part of the Indian state of Kerela was hit by severe floods. Thank you to all who contributed for the victims of the flood. A team from the Mission, led by Vivert, went to the state of Kerela to do relief work. The district [...]

August 2018 Flood Damage in India

India is currently in the middle of the monsoon season.  Unfortunately, the Southern part of the state of Kerela has been hit with severe flooding.  According to the reports, the flooding has claimed over 400 lives so far and over a million people have been relocated to over 3,200 relief camps.  This is one of the most devastating [...]

Motorbike from Traverse Christian

Evangelist Vishnu, who works with the mission at Sunderpur in Dindori area of the state of Madhya Pradesh, was given a motorbike. Now he is effectively and enthusiastically reaching a larger area with the Gospel. We are thankful to Traverse Christian Church, CO for providing for this motorbike.