Motorbike from Traverse Christian

Evangelist Vishnu, who works with the mission at Sunderpur in Dindori area of the state of Madhya Pradesh, was given a motorbike. Now he is effectively and enthusiastically reaching a larger area with the Gospel. We are thankful to Traverse Christian Church, CO for providing for this motorbike.

Team from Compassion Christian Church

A team from Compassion Christian Church, Savannah, Georgia came to visit. The Team came to teach Vacation Bible School for the children of New Hope. The children were blessed to be able to be a part of some regular teaching, crafts and fun time. Their entire days were filled with activities. It was a great [...]

Team from Harvester & Greenville Visit

A team from Harvester Christian Church, MO and First Christian Church of Greenville, IL led by Mr. Doyle Roth and Mr. Darryl Bolen came to be with us. Brother Doyle has been with us before, but it was the first visit of Mr. & Mrs. Bolen and the rest of the team. FCC Greenville has supported [...]

Goswami Family visit

Dr. Nilesh and Monica Goswami, along with their children, Maya, Rekha and Keegan and mother Sushma came to visit. Monica has been here on a couple different occasions and spent time with Neelam and the children of New Hope, it was the second trip for Dr. Goswami and the first for rest of the family. [...]

North American Christian Conference

We love attending the North American Christian Convention. It is a great time for Vivert and Neelam to see so many wonderful people and share what God has been doing in India. If you haven’t visited our Mid India Church Partners booth at the NACC or ICOM, we have an awesome coffee bar. We serve attendees [...]

God’s Word is Being Heard

Evangelist Vishnu has been working with the mission with a special focus on the non- Christians.  He met with Gokul and his wife, Anita, while he was distributing tracts in the market.  The two came and showed interest in knowing more about our Savior.  Vishnu prayed for them and shared the Gospel with them.  While [...]

Persecution on the Rise

The evangelists near Sagar area, which is close to the mission’s base in Damoh, are experiencing an increase in persecution. They are being beaten, put into jail under false charges and continually harassed.  These extremists groups who are planning, organizing and executing persecution, receive a lot of support from the local Hindu community. This persecution comes […]

North American Christian Conference

Can’t believe that the North American Christian Conference is less than a month away! God has been doing some wonderful things over the past year and we are excited to share them with you. Do you plan on attending the NACC? Vivert & Neelam would love to see you. We also have a new booth [...]

Church Planters Seminar

A Church Planters Seminar was organized in Damoh. Evangelists from two states in India and pastors from three churches in the US attended the seminar. We were honored to have a six-member team from three churches in the US visit the mission. Their visit included going to churches in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, visiting the headquarters of the mission and attending [...]


Church plants in Delhi continue to show steady growth.  An entire family in the area Chandrabal near Delhi accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.  The mission's evangelist working in the Chandrabal area near Delhi learned of a family in the area.  Premlal and his family were not Christians and followed all kinds of practices of [...]