Changed Lives

Meet Sister Sahana.  Sahana was raised in a Hindu family and the death of her husband brought hopelessness and depression into her life. The tension of how to take care of her children was a big concern and cause for worry. She met the mission’s evangelist who encouraged her to come and attend the service and meetings. She did [...]

God is Moving

The village Kamthi is about 55 km from Gohnta in the Mandla area. This area borders the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Evangelist Anik met brother Subin, who lived in Kamthi and was born in a traditional tribal family. Subin's son was suffering from epilepsy and despite several different types of treatment, there was no improvement in his [...]

From Hatred to Love

Rana and Ama live in a neighborhood where the mission has services and prayer meetings. In the beginning, they hated the mission activities. They saw the change in the people and were strongly opposed to it. However, as a result of continual evangelistic efforts of the mission, they came to one of the services. They [...]

Faith in Jesus During Difficult Times

Mamta, who belonged to another religion, started attending meetings at the mission's Safe House in Jabalpur. The mission's evangelist shared the Gospel with Mamta and she accepted Christ as her Savior and was baptized. Mamta is a single mom of three children. Her husband passed away a few years back and she has faced a [...]

New Hope Children Help Lead VBS

VBS was held at the Satellite Center at Bilaspur for the children living in surrounding areas of our church plants who are also under the Shining Light Program. This year a number of new children were a part of VBS. For many of these children, it was their first opportunity to be a part of [...]


Even the Caste system, which is still prevalent in India, can't hinder our God. Indirawati, who was born in a high caste family, accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior and is now working in that area and helping evangelists to reach others. Indirawati’s family believed in the traditions and rituals of their religion very strongly. They [...]

Ashok in Jabalpur

Evangelists in Jabalpur are excited about Ashok accepting Christ as his Savior. He is so excited about his faith that he wants to share it every day with someone. The mission has one of its Churches at a place called Gour in the Jabalpur area where brother Ashok works as a blacksmith. There were a lot of [...]

News From Shining Light

The Shining Light program continues to help care for children in India.  Because of the faithful and generous donations of our sponsors, warm clothes were given to Shining Light children in the churches of Bamori and Badkuan in Sagar area.  Children here who are a part of the program presented special songs and recited Bible verses. Families [...]

New Hope Events

The New Hope children got to go fishing. They enjoyed catching small fish with the help of mosquito net from two small ponds in the ACCTS campus where they live. All the children then got involved in cleaning the fish and with some additional fish from the market, they enjoyed fish curry in the evening. Neelam [...]

Evangelist Called Home

Please join us in praying for the family and friends of Evangelist Ruel Masih who went to be with the Lord February 4, 2019. He suffered from cardiac problems and had been receiving help from the mission with his treatment. He worked with the mission at Bhatri Church in Takhatpur area in the state of [...]

Supporter Visits

The Mission has been busy with guests from the US. In late 2018, Brothers Fish Robinson and Will Cooper from Community Church Oxford of Oxford, MS and Sister Amy Newberry from Skyline Church in Oklahoma City, Ok came to visit the Mission. Brother Fish and Brother Will both spoke several times at some of the [...]

Evangelist’s wife and son attacked

Recently Evangelist Haran's wife was trying to organize a Shining Light Program. While she was visiting different homes to invite children to the program, she faced stiff opposition from some people who were not liking the outreach and started to be verbally abused. She called her son to come and pick her up since Evangelist [...]

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