Care for Children

MICP has two ministries dedicated to caring for children in and around the church.

New Hope

Mid India Church Partners established the New Hope ministry to care for children of persecuted families. New Hope was started due to several incidents of severe persecution. 115 children are in the care of the ministry and living on the New Hope campus. Since their families decided to become Christian it is no longer safe for them to remain in their towns and villages. These children have experienced hatred and witnessed unmentionable acts of violence.

Shining Light

The Shining Light ministry of Mid-India Church Partners focuses on caring for children in and through the churches that have been established in towns and villages throughout India. This initiative is designed to be a blessing to the people in and around these small communities in a way that helps connect families to Jesus and His Church.

A closer look at New Hope.

New Hope provides hope and love to children displaced by hate and acts of violence against their family.